Where should I install my FreshAir1?

For maximum effectiveness of your FreshAir1, consider these factors:

  • Airflow: Expose the FreshAir1 to as much of the room's airflow as possible. Avoid blocking the device with furniture, draperies or other items. In a room with HVAC, the device should be near the air return.
  • Electricity: Use an outlet with uninterrupted electrical power. Do not use a switched outlet.
  • Climate: Install indoors in a climate-controlled and dry environment. Avoid windows and bathrooms.
  • Coverage Area: Plan for an indoor area of approximately 500 square feet for each FreshAir1 device.
  • Wi-Fi: Ensure a consistent, strong Wi-Fi network connection.

For personalized installation help, email support@freshairsensor.com.

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