What are the Wi-Fi requirements to use the FreshAir monitoring service?

The FreshAir1 requires a Wi-Fi network connection for installation and monitoring. Below are the Wi-Fi operating requirements, security modes, and router and firewall settings.

Wi-Fi operating requirements:

       IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

       2.4GHz Wi-Fi band

       DHCP services

Supported Wi-Fi security modes:

       Open security

       WPA/WPA2 Personal security

Open security with a Login Page/Captive Portal. Please let us know if you use a Login Page/Captive Portal, and we will send you the MAC addresses for your devices to add to your network whitelist. 

Router and firewall settings:

       TCP/IPv4 outbound communication on port 80, 443, 1883 and 8883 to host: broker-v2.freshairsensor.com

       UDP outbound communication on port 123 to host: pool.ntp.org

The FreshAir1 cannot be installed on a public Wi-Fi network, such as Xfinity or Time Warner, because most public networks have login pages and do not allow devices to be whitelisted to bypass them.

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