Can I set up my device on a public Wi-Fi network or wireless hotspot?

Public Wi-Fi: The FreshAir1 cannot be installed on a public Wi-Fi network, such as Xfinity or Time Warner, because most public networks have login pages and do not allow devices to be whitelisted to bypass them.

Wireless Hotspot: The FreshAir1 can be installed on a wireless hotspot connected to a private account, as this simulates connection a private Wi-Fi network. We do not recommend using a wireless hotspot unless you are certain that the hotspot will remain in the same location to provide a consistent, strong Wi-Fi network connection.

The FreshAir1 can be installed on Wi-Fi networks that support Open (no password), WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security modes. It can also be installed on company networks that have a login page and allow for devices to be whitelisted.

Click here to see our complete list of Wi-Fi network requirements.

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